Sabrina is awesome!  She listens, has wonderful advice on what is healthy for me to eat and drink and very encouraging.  Also, meeting with her helped me see what triggers my decisions on what i choose to eat and drink.  I feel she is helping me not only want to be healthy physically but have a healthy attitude about myself too, which I am truly grateful.


My husband is a client and he has nothing but great words for Sabrina. So far the few things she has mentioned has helped him tremendously.


Sabrina is a wonderful Health Coach. Sabrina helped me get my work and personal life in alignment. She helped me find my focus in my work so that I could be more productive and meet my goals. She has also been such a wonderful resource when it comes to my nutritional needs. If she doesn’t know the answer right then, she will definitely go in search of the answer and I always hear back right away. She is a true professional that knows her business as well as being an all around wonderful person.

Lei Ann-Spokane