My Commitment to You!

My Commitment to you

1) I will be on time for every appointment.

2) I will come prepared for your session with two ears to listen and one mouth to respond.

3) Your session is private, personal & confidential.

4) I will not judge you for anything you share with me.

5) I will educate and support you around the areas where you want to make changes.

6) I will check in at each session and see what suggestions work and why.

7) You will have my full, undivided attention during your session.

8) Your needs are my priority and I will work very hard to provide solutions or suggestions.

9) I will hold you accountable in order to help move you forward towards your goals.

10) I will advise you based on what I believe is best for you based on my experience and education not necessarily what you want me to tell you.